Living Alaska, A Momentary Diversion

When Flaws become Freckles

2 min readFeb 26, 2022


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Momentary Diversions

I went to the movies last night. I needed a momentary diversion from my life. I am moving to a new apartment across town today. Moving is stressful no matter how far or short the move is. Having a momentary diversion from thousands of little things bombarding your head is a welcomed intermission.

When Flaws Become Freckles

I was born with freckles, lots of them. I was teased as a kid because of them. They faded with time, some became age spots and others skin cancers. There was a line in the movie last night that touched my heart. “When flaws become freckles”. The line referred to the fact that love is blind.

Love is Blind

For the uninitiated “love is blind”. I have been in love, more than once. I have felt its beauty, its pain, and everything in between. Love hurts, and love heals. I am a big fan of love. I am still looking for love. I looked under the couch, behind the bed, and the closet too. I did not find any love there. Some very wise people tell me to stop looking for love and love will find me. Since I am moving today, should I give Love my new address? Will that help love find me?

Show the Love

I have been writing on Living in Alaska for the past few months. I love Alaska, and the people I have met here. Not all of them love me, but I love them all back. Love helps explain some of the crazy things you find in Alaska. Remember love is blind, it turns peoples flaws into freckles. I love freckles, so maybe that explains why I love so much. From Ketchikan, Alaska with love.




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